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QUESTION: I am having torus palatinus removal surgery on Sept. 11. It is in the center of the top of my mouth, I guess kind of long. My question is, I'm not real good with my mouth being numb and have NEVER taken pain meds, how painful is this surgery. I'm also trying to figure out how long I will be out of the office.  Any comments will be appreciated.

ANSWER: Paula -  If done by a skilled surgeon, the procedure should not be uncomfortable, but during the healing it is imperative that you are very careful to not prematurely irritate the area.  If irritate, the wound can open and the healing can be delayed.  Soft foods are necessary until completely healed.  Even with being careful the palatal area can be sore and the wound open.  

How long you are out of work is a little difficult to predict, but plan on a couple of days, but do not be surprised if you need to take a week off of work. I wish I could be more specific, but every patient is different and the healing time and discomfort varies greatly.

I wish you well and hope you feel better soon.

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QUESTION: Are pain meds usually necessary during healing process. I will also be having 2 implants inserted on the bottom to help hold a denture.  I forgot to ask about that. My mouth is small and my dentist has to use a pediatric Ppliance to make my impressions. As you can tell, I'm confused and scared about the entire process. I'm afraid after I go through all of this I still will have problems with the dentures because of the size of my mouth and my gagging issues. Thank you so much for your time  in helping me through this.

Paula -Most patients choose to use a pain medication to overcome the discomfort that is associated with this type of surgery.  If the impressions of the area are taken accurately and the dentist is a skilled surgical doctor, then the result should be without complications.  Often the surgery you have asked about is attempted by a dentist without the necessary skills or experience to perform without complications.  So make sure that the dentist has the skills of an oral surgeon and the knowledge of dealing with a patient with a small mouth for making a denture.

I wish you well and hope the doctors you use can give you a successful result.

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