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QUESTION: Hello Dr. Jamali. I am an African American female who has jaw problems comparable to the Asian population such as bimaxillary protrusion, gummy smile and a long face. I'm looking for expert orthognathic surgeons on the east coast to include the southeastern states that have experience performing surgery more tailored to the Asian population.

ANSWER: Hi Sharon,

I am sorry but I'm not sure if I quite understand you. I perform these surgeries routinely. Would you like to make an appointment to see me?

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QUESTION: I have been searching the internet for people who have the same jaw issues as me and I only find information about bimaxillary protrusion and gummy smile from Asian jaw surgeons who address this problem routinely. The problem is that most of the surgeons who post pictures of their patients are overseas. I am looking for someone on the east coast that can address my problem properly. I also want to add that I was already re-approved for a 3 piece lefort through my insurance.

Ok. Great. If you are interested in coming to NYC to have the procedure done, you could come in for a consultation. I do these surgeries routinely. You could send me your photos or lateral ceph prior so i could get an idea. By the way, it seems like that you are already in the process with another surgeon.  Do you feel you need to seek other options or opinions?

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