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QUESTION: Dear doctor. I talked to you about a year ago and nothing has gotten better. As i told you before i am disabled and housebound. My tooth and gum problems have gotten worse. I have a gum infection now and salt water is not helping. I dont know what to do. I have been sitting here crying and shaking all day. Because of my disability and that im on Medicaid there isnt an oral surgeon within 50 miles that will see me. I also have an extreme fear of dentists after what an oral surgeon did to me 10 years ago. Im so scared. I have been under a ton of stress this past year and besides poor health and am now all alone in the world. The last member of my family pass away a year ago. Theres just me now.
How can i stop this pain and what can i do to get help for this. Im running out of hope and the fear is crippling.

ANSWER: Barbara -  I am so sorry to hear that you are still suffering.  Although you are on Medicaid coverage, there are dentists in Ohio who practice dentistry and accept Medicaid.  I suggest you contact one of the two groups to assist you in finding an appropriate who can help you.

1) Ohio Medicaid Hotline - 1-877-908-1746


2)Ohio Medicaid Dentists website.

both should be able to assist you is finding an appropriate dentist who can assist you.

I wish you well and hope you can be helped.

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QUESTION: Can too much salt irritate my all ready sore jgums? Also i called my doctor and got a nurse practitioner. She told me i can die from this. Is this true?????

Barbara - I you are placing more than one teaspoon of salt in the glass of warm water, it can be slightly irritating, but not that much.  You should be aware of the amount you are using to help reduce an excess irritation.

The nurse practitioner does not understand normal if she says that.  If you were to swallow a lot of salt, yes that is bad, but just rinsing, no.

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