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Hi,  I am 63 and eating some popcorn and a tooth in my upper left cracked, the filling came out.  I went to my dentist and he said the tooth broke below the gumline.  He said I couldn't get an implant because of this, the only thing to do was to get a root canal, a post and a crown.  He said it would cost over $2000.  I told him I would find it hard to find that money.  He said I could get the tooth pulled but then all my other teeth would be crooked and it would be a shame to lose the tooth.
  I have spoken to people who say a root canal does not last long and then you have to have it done again.  I can't afford to have that done but also can't afford to have all my teeth crooked as well.
  I don't have dental insurance.  What worries me is the possibility of infection.  This is how my father died at my age when he had teeth extracted.
  What do you think of root canals, posts and crowns?

Root canals are fine.  I would recommend that you see a board certified Endodontist as they are specialist in properly completing root canal treatment.  When you have proper dental care and follow up every 6 months for dental hygiene and maintenance a root canal treated tooth can last a life time.  Keeping your own tooth when feasible is always the best option.   

Good Luck

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