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I was wanting some expert advice on my situation. In June 2013, I had a poorly planned upper jaw surgery and 7mm sliding genioplasty for a class 2 bite. This has left me with a recessed lower jaw and a broad,  long masculine over sized chin, defeating the whole purpose of the surgery. Currently no surgeon will operate on my jaws so I am seeking to just fix what was done to my chin. The whole chin bone was cut straight across, even including some of my lower jaw. My chin and top jaw were plated back together crooked. I really just want to go back to looking as close as i did before this surgery. I was considered attractive before this surgery and now I look like a man. Can I look normal without moving the lower jaw and just fixing my chin? What's the best way to fix such a bad genio? Thank you.

Hopeless - I fully understand the obvious frustrations you are enduring subsequent to the poorly planned surgery.  I, of course, cannot be 100% sure without a direct exam, but from the pictures you provided and the xray picture it seems that the surgeon did not comprehend or plan for the vertical changes necessary in the upper jaw to allow the lower jaw to close further without affecting your chin region.  I cannot be sure, but some adjustments to the lower jaw itself seems to have been necessary.

If you sure is unsure what to do and surgeons near you will not assist, I suggest that you seek an evaluation elsewhere from highly skilled board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons.  If you wish, I can send you names of skilled surgeons who should be able to assist you.  They may not be in Georgia, but there are surgeons I will suggest if you wish.

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