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Oral Surgery/red mouth sore that won't heal


Red mouth sore
Red mouth sore  
I've had a mouth sore on the roof of my mouth for about 6 weeks now that has not healed at all. I've attached a photograph. I brought it up to my dentist, and after careful and thorough inspection he's not sure what it is. I was in a bike accident about 7 months ago in which 3 of my teeth were broken, and 2 had root canals. The sore is behind one of the teeth that had the root canal. The dentist could not find any evidence of an infected root canal, and x-rays were normal.

The sore is small, bright red, not painful, and bleeds profusely and very easily every couple of days. I have no pain around any of the teeth that were broken during my accident.

I'm going to my GP so I can maybe get a referral to a specialist that is covered by my insurance. What are some of the possible diagnoses? What questions should I ask the doctor? Should I seek a second opinion if the doctor recommends 'wait and see if it heals on its own'? How urgent should I be with seeking a diagnosis? Thank you!

Kate - I, of course, cannot fully determine what that lesion is.  It could be from your root canal treatment that might be failing (I am not saying it is but it is possible) from a tooth infection.  It could be chronic irritation lesion called a granuloma.  Now I am just throwing out that name and I could list a number of possible similar appearing lesions.  The recurrent episodes of bleeding every few days usually indicates an active infection.  For that reason I think one of the teeth that had root canal treatment could be the cause.

Do not wait; you need to have a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon examine you.  The doctor might biopsy it or an xray from a different perspective might disclose that a tooth might have a fracture or the tooth is infected.  So do not put off having yourself examined by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

So contact you insurance company and ask them for a surgeon to examine you.

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