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I recently got my wisdom teeth surgically extracted, I was wondering what the appropriate response should be to be with a scared and nervous patient who you are about to do an awake with local anesthetic surgically? What is the right and ethical way to respond and treat your patient? And the appropriate pain management medication for post surgery?

Joy -  It does not matter if the treatment was the extraction of a wisdom tooth, the placing a filling in a tooth or simply cleaning of the teeth, all professionals need to be attentive to their patients apprehensions and attempt to calm them.  The doctor should have explained fully, prior to any treatment, what exactly the patient should expect to happen.  If the patient acts scared or even tries to stop any treatment, the doctor must take time to talk with the patient to help relax them and attempt to completely explain what will occur from second to second.  If the patient is scared, the doctor needs to try to calm the patient, if the doctor is unable to, he should back away and reschedule the patient.  

The appropriate pain medication for a patient depends on the type of tooth, the difficulty in extracting it and if bone needed to be removed to extract the tooth.  Medications can be as mild as aspirin, tylenol and ibuprofen or it can get as strong as a narcotic like codeine.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me again.

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