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Oral Surgery/Continued pain at tooth extraction site


Hello and thank you in advance for your help!!
I have been having a problem for a year and half that started with a root canal extraction and immediate titanium implant placement.
Within a few days after the placement I felt pressure on that side of my face and pain.   Also, metallic taste and salty taste.  It felt almost immediately systemic, as my whole body felt strained and suffering.  After seeing my dentist and explaining what I was experiencing he said it was "normal".  I went a few more days and my energy was depleted and the pressure was worse.  The tooth number was 13.  I was pressing on the teeth behind it, and the last tooth in the back was pressed and it caused loss of vision for a second and a rush of eye floaters!   I was terrified.  I rushed to the closest oral surgeons office and begged to be seen!  They took me and did X-rays but they said all looked good!!  I begged them to remove the implant, but they refused and sent me to the Emergency room?....That was a waste of time and money!!  Cat scan and all looked "normal" again!!

I finally convinced my implant dentist to remove the implant after a lot of begging and crying!!!  Once removed, the area healed normally but never felt right and my normal energy didn't return.

Now, a year and a half later the tooth next to the extraction site, a root filled tooth, starting to become painful.  I had that one extracted 3 weeks ago and the healing was difficult.  It was a partial dry socket.  The pain was controlled by ibupropen twice a day.  Now it's hurting more and I have a sinus infection with pressure on my cheek above the extraction site.

My question is.  Who should I see to evaluate this?  I'm nervous that I might have osteomyletitis in the bone.  After reading others with this condition, it seems so difficult to get anyone to help!  My own family is beginning to think I'm a hypochondriac!  I feel lost!!

I'm on the east coast and hoping you might suggest someone or specialist to see!  I hope it's something else I'm dealing with and any insight you have is greatly appreciated!!!


David -  I, of course, cannot be sure without examining you, but it sounds like your  problem might be due to inflammation of the sinus.  My suggestion is that you only have yourself by a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  I do not personally know of such doctors by in Boston there are qualified surgeons at Mass General, Boston University or Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.  

Then following are doctors are chairman of the residency programs. Such a doctor sees patients with many different problems.  The following are the doctors.

1) Dr. Pushkar Mehra - Boston University - (617) 638-4350

2) Dr. Leonard Kaban - Massachusetts General - (617) 726-8222

3) Dr. Maria Papageorge - Tufts - (617) 636-6515

I wish you well and hope one of the above can help you.  

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