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A tooth was pulled after I developed a cavity under a crown.
An oral surgeon pulled the tooth and did a bone graft to prepare for a dental implant. After the graft, and a round of antibiotics, I noticed that my tongue was white and worried that some bone was escaping. More antibotics. I waited over six months for the implant.

Early on, here was a concern about my not having enough space for the implant. The surgeon would do a mini sinus lift. The tooth was top left, third tooth from the back.

When he began the implsnt proceedure,the bone was soft and he had a hard time getting the implant to screw in and after a few attempts used a shorter, thicker implant.

I was checked by the surgeon every month for a while.  I recently went to my dentist for a implant check and x-rays. He called me in for a consultation a week later. He had bad news. He said that the implant post was slanted and he was concerned that the implant would fail and recommended that it be redone. (He had talked to the oral surgeon and his dental school mentor)  When I look at the x-rays taken right after implant and recent x-rays, I do not see a change, but I am not an expert! I have been very careful to not chew on that side.   The dentist and surgeon will absorb the cost of having the post removed and the (3rd) bone graft, but I will now need a sinus lift. The cost for the sinus lift is $3600.

Between removing the implant and the sinus lift, that is major surgery. I am worried for nothing? The oral surgeon is board certified.

Cheryl - I am so sorry to hear what you've been through.  I was not there during the surgery or during the planning phase, but if preparation was done properly, the surgeon should have been aware of the density of the bone and the possible necessity of a sinus lift.  Before the implant the surgeon should have advised you that during the surgery he might see that a sinus lift might be needed.  So the main problem is the lack of information provided by the surgeon to you before any surgery.

Now that you need a sinus lift and graft unfortunately it will b expensive.  Many surgeons charge even more than this surgeon is quoting you.  I fully understand how you feel, but there does not seem to be any other options, other that not placing an implant and just having a partial denture made.  Not as good as an implant and you will not feel satisfied with that.

I wish I could give you better information, but it sounds like the sinus lift is necessary. Again, I am sorry that I cannot give you a different direction for success, but if done properly, the final result should be good.

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