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I had 2nd lower molar tooth extraction 2 weeks ago. It was done by a general dentist with no anesthesia. It was very difficult to numb and required several extra injections. The tooth was very difficult to remove, the dentist made that comment several times as he pushed my jaw from one side to the other over and over until my head was killing me. The tooth finally gave and it had 3 roots with the 3rd still left in place. It took about 30 more minutes of using whatever tool could be found to fit into the small space including the drill. I don't know if any of this info lead to my problems today, but I figured I would give you the whole picture. I started having a lot of pain a couple of days later, and on the following Monday he packed and said it may be a dry socket. On Wednesday, one week post extraction, I started having the worst pain I've ever experienced. It started in the extraction site and radiates down my gums and teeth to the front of my mouth and stops. Its builds and lasts between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. When I eat, drink, brush my teeth, breath it can start this horrific pain. I called my dentist many times and he seemed stumped as to this pain. I am a nurse and did some research and my symptoms sound exactly like post traumatic trigeminal neuralgia. My question is... Will this pain stop when the extraction site heals? I have an appointment to see a neurologist but I don't want to spend a lot of money if it will improve on its own. I have missed days of work, I've been to the ER, and I live in fear of the next attack. Please help.

Cathy-I of course cannot be sure without examining you or seeing trays of the area, but a neurologist is the wrong type of doctor for a necessary second opinion. You should instead see a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon. It might be  continuation of the dry socket, it might be an infection or you might have even a small crack of the jaw.

So do the correct thing and get an opinion from a board certified surgeon.  If you are not aware of one, get back to me and tell me where you live.  I will then provide names of board certified surgeons.

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