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Oral Surgery/Bone protrusion out of gum below #30


Hi, I am 58 yo female. I had an extraction from the upper right molar (above #30) 2 years ago.
Lately I have been having nerve pain that runs through all of the teeth, upper and lower, on the right side only, sometimes every tooth together, sometimes one or two, it varies. Then 2 weeks ago I noticed a "sore" next to # 30 on the inside, and a few days later i could feel a "pin" poking through, still with all this pain. I went to the Dentist, he was not concerned at all with the protrusion but checked for sensitivity and decided it was #31. I was sent to endodontist who after drilling the filling out said there is not problem with pulp and I do not need a root canal there, she packed it back with temporary filling. She also was not concerned with this protrusion but said if it bothered me i could see an oral surgeon.
I had plans the next day to travel 1000 miles to my daughters. She sent me to her dentist who said immediately that bony protrusion needs to come out, he made the incision and proceeded to file the "dead bone fragment" down below the gumline. He thinks this has been the cause of my pain and inflammation all along but could not say what causes this protrusion?? This is what I want to know. What are the possible causes? Cancer in the jawbone? Should I see and ENT for an MRI? What should my next move be? Thank you!!

Diane-  it is a little difficult for me to give you an exact answer without having evaluated the area.  I hope the dentist who filed the bone sent it to a pathology lab to be evaluated.  This type of situation does not often come from anything other that an inflammation. That inflammation could be with a tooth or the gum tissue.  Either way, it is important for you to et evaluated by a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  ENT doctors are not trained and have no knowledge of the jaw area.  If for some reason you are unable to find a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, get back to me, tell me where you live and I can give you names of appropriate doctors near you.

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