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Dear Sir,

Recently I done a oroantral fistula surgery, may I know what are the symptoms that will show it is 100% heal and my dentist told me the polyp that appear on my gum is not a major concern. Is it true? and any complication in the future if the polyp not surgically remove. Thanks in advance.

tk -  the most important aspect of a successful surgery is for the surgeon to obtain complete closure of the wound to produce a complete water tight seal, where no saliva from the mouth can gain entrance into the sinus. As far as the polyp, I am not quite sure without examining it, but if it soft and pliable then most likely there is not a water tight seal and the polyp is a bacterial reaction of the tissue in the healing area.  

One of the best signs of complete healing is no sinus symptoms, when you drink water, none comes out your nose and if you were to blow your nose, air would leak out of the polyp.  One of the problems with the test, it can occasionally open that healing area.  You don't say how long it has been since the surgery.  My suggestion is to now leave it alone and hopefully it will heal properly.  Proper healing is no polyp, flat firm tissue covering the hole and no symptoms.  So leave it alone and hopefully it heals completely, if not then a redo of the surgery might be considered.

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