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An oral/maxillofacial surgeon removed what he called a large  benign cyst/tumor on my lower jaw in his office six days ago. Pain was/is minimal.  The swelling peaked at 3-4 days (golf ball sized) and has since gone down about 65-70%.  My question is I still can only open my jaw as wide as I could one day post-op and now it is day 6.  Is that usually normal?

Thank you for your time.

Karen - A problem with opening after the removal of the tumor on your lower jaw depends on the location of the tumor and the depth of the tumor in the bone.  If the tumor was towards the back of the jaw, the surgeon probably had to cut some of a jaw muscle to gain access to the tumor.  Because of this, the jaw muscles will go into spasm and that can restrict the opening of the jaw.

The best thing you can now do is to immediately begin a regimen of warm salt water rinses in the area of the tumor.  Do the rinsing daily 4-5 times a day for about 5-10 minutes.  That should help to begin to relax the muscles.  Depending on how much of the muscle was traumatized from the surgery, it could take at least a month to gain full function.  I would suggest, if you do not get significant opening within a couple of weeks, speak with the surgeon.

I wish you well and hope it all gets better soon.

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