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X ray
X ray  
QUESTION: Just wandering can people have puberty till 22 years old. The xray I showed you was when I was in between my 19-20 years age. Is it normal to develop supernumerary teeth at this age.


ANSWER: Shahan - From the picture of the xray, I do not see anatomical characteristics of that area that you think is a supernumerary tooth.  Sure it might be, but it could also be an area of density of the bone due to inflammation.

Supernumerary teeth can develop if there is a tooth bud present.  It usually occurs before the end of puberty, but it is possible later if the individual has an altered hormonal situation or other inflammatory reactions that can stimulate an inactive tooth bud.  

Most likely it was there previously but was not noticed if a panoramic xray, like the one you show wasn't utilized.

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QUESTION: I was asking you the question because you mentioned it was an incomplete development of a supernumerary teeth. Yes, my dentist might not have taken any xray for 3-4 years and there wasn't any need of me going to him as I had no issues with teeth. And in 2010 I went in with a bad teeth to get it extracted and that's how it was caught in the xray. As you said I must get this extra tooth structure removed as it is causing bone loss on either side of my permanent tooth. Will the surgery be painful and how long it might take. Please let me know

Thank you

Shahan - I wish I could be helpful with the difficulty of the extraction, because xrays are only in two dimensions so the depth laterally is impossible to predict without examining you.  Usually this type of extraction is not very difficult as long as the doctor doing the extraction is skilled in this type of surgery.  A regular dentist is probably not the best to do this.  Have an oral surgeon do the surgery.  I wish you well and hope it all comes out easy.

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