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Oral Surgery/Upper Jaw disenigration during mult. teeth extractions


I am 34 years old and just recently had to have my remaining upper teeth removed due to them loosing extreme amounts of calcium when I was pregnant due to sickness making them compromised. My dentist did not see anything in his preliminary testing which would indicate a problem with my upper jaw. Upon almost completing the removal of my back molars, a large piece of my jaw came with the tooth(s), more so on my left and somewhat on my right. Being under nitrous I did not realize that this had occurred. It wasn't until I was forced to take out my upper denture due to excessive bleeding which resulted in bleeding into my cheek did I be become aware of what had happened. I am almost two weeks post, but I am still having major pain, spasms have started and I can feel a pulsating pressure on the left side of my upper gum, as well as there being a sharp edge of my jawbone piercing the skin. The swelling and bruising have almost dissipated from the bleeding into my cheek. I am curious as to how this could happen since I have never been treated for cancer or anything else like that, and how can this be fixed so that I can wear my denture without being in agony?? I'm very concerned, my dentist says I have more time to heal but I know that this issue isn't going to heal itself. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Hello Jenn,

I am sorry to hear you are going through such difficult time. Post op pain and agony for two weeks, although rare, can still occur. Occasionally teeth become bonded to the bone,which causes small fractures during extraction.  If you still have the symptoms that you mentioned, see your dentist again and have him/her send you to an oral surgeon for an evaluation. Maybe there is some trimming that can be done.  But remember it takes 6 weeks for the gums to heal.
Hope you feel better soon,  

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