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My dentist is recommending panoramic x-rays as part of my routine dental maintenance.  When I questioned the necessity he mentioned that I have a number of dental implants and root canals and it would be helpful to look at the nerves, etc.  I am 73 and I have not experienced any pain in my mouth and consequently I question the necessity of this additional expense.  What do you think about this?

Peter - For just determining the need for finding decay, panoramic xrays are not necessary, but with patients who have dental implants or who will, the dimensional evaluation from a panoramic xray is important.  It shows the complete anatomy of the jaw in that area that regular dental xrays don't come close in viewing.  

This xray is especially done on those with implants, because if finds area in the bone surrounding implants where changes are occurring.  This is important to prevent problems from occurring.

So your dentist is completely correct in recommending a panorex xray.  So have the single panorex xray.

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