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Hi, it's April. My SD told me that the trigeminal nerve might be damaged or traumatized during the surgery, that's why I have a problem with my lower front teeth.Regarding my ear, he said that when I use one side when I eat and not the two sides, I end up having imbalance. And the muscle becomes strained and the two jaw bones (in font of my ear) keep rubbing each other every time I chew or open my mouth and the bone gets bruised. He did not do any x-rays, he just evaluated the problem from the symptoms that I told him about and he put his hands on the two sides of my jawbone points (in front of my ear) and asked me to open my mouth and close it. He touched the inner gum of my lower front teeth (the gum between my lower front teeth and tongue)with a small stick and asked me to tell him which side he touched.I could tell if he touched the left side or the right side. But he did not tell me what I shall do to resolve the problem.

Does trigeminal nerve heal on its own? and how long does it take?

Thank you

April -I need to bring this all together.  What was done to cause this problem.  Just so you know, just like any nerve within the body, it can heal if the original damage was not too great and there is not a continued irritation to the nerve.  

The original cause is critical to know and control.  

I wish I knew the original damage cause to the nerve.  Then I could say if it will or will not heal on its own.  

Nerves, in general, can heal as long as a continued trauma does not occur and the extent of damage has not created a short circuit within the nerve.  I wish I could be more specific, but I would need additional information.

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