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I am scheduled for an evaluation and possible surgical extraction of a piece of root canal tooth left at the gum line next Wednesday. My main concern is bleeding after the extraction. I had a mole removed years ago and the doctor had to cauterize to reduce the bleeding. I then had a polyp removed a few years later and again was cauterized and I still bled (even though lightly) for over a week. About 6 months ago, I had a PAP test and my OBGYN was a bit rough, and I had slight spotting for over 15 days but it was quite steady and came always back the moment I walked around. The spotting then stopped but resumed again after physical activity for another week. I was thinking of getting a blood test done (PT with INR) before Wednesday, but then if all is well, I am worried about the additional loss of blood from the blood test itself on top of the bleeding after the extraction. So I guess my question is: is there such a thing as having a bleeding disorder and not being aware of it? I had a blood test done last month and the prick of the needle caused minimal bleeding and it clotted fairly quickly, would that be a sign all is well? Can an underlying severe bleeding problem become evident only after surgery? Can a surgical tooth extraction lead to excessive, worrisome bleeding? I am thinking to see my doctor tomorrow to discuss this so I am ready by Wednesday to make a decision if I want to proceed for this extraction or post pone it until I get blood test results.

My best advice would be to see a board certified hematologist to review the details of your health history and order the appropriate labs prior to any surgical intervention.  Then that doctor can appropriately convey instruction to your board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon to perform the extraction without complication.  There are many entities that are responsible for prolonged bleeding and the right doctors need to be involved prior to any intervention.

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