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Oral Surgery/Jaw surgery without real teeth?


QUESTION: Hi. Is it still possible to have upper jaw advancement surgery if you have lost all, or nearly all of your teeth?

If it is possible, does it make the surgery/whole situation much more complex?

ANSWER: Fion -  yes jaw advancement surgery can be performed, but the surgeon  needs to be extra careful and plan in advance.  He needs to build a device called a stent, that will plan, before the surgery for the exact movement that needs to be done.  Once in the stent, the bones need to be tied together with bone plates and then the upper to lower jaw position needs to be fixed during the healing.

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QUESTION: Thank you very much.

So would you say this is riskier than jaw surgery normally is or the same?

Are the results generally as good and stable as normal jaw surgery?

Would the whole ordeal actually be easier for one without teeth because it avoids the need for orthodontics?

Fion- first of all, the surgery is not any more riskier if it is planned correctly, just like any surgery.  The surgeon just needs to be prepared for the differences.

The procedure is not simpler.  Yes the pre-surgical orthodontics is consuming, but the proper model and stent fabrication is technically difficult and requires specific and extensive presurgicial preparation.

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