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Oral Surgery/Supplements help for lingual nerve damage


Hi Dr. Teig, I wondered if the following supplements help with nerve repair:
1. alpha lipoic acid
2. acetyl l-carnitine
3. Oral Vitamins B1, B6, B12
If so,
Is it safe to take the first two ones for a long term (3 months)?
What is the dose that is considered safe (of the first two ones)?
Is it safe to take 200mg of B6 per day?

I would like to ask about my lingual nerve again. I had my surgery on 24 March at 11.30am and the local anesthetic wore off at 4pm same day. After the local had worn off, my tongue and teeth were normal until 7am next day. At 7am I started to feel a slight sensation of pins and needles which turned into burning after 8 days of my surgery. My question is why did my tongue was normal after my surgery and then I got bad sensations of pins and needles, electric shocks, tugging, burning, cramps which all have ended up with a burning sensation?

Many thanks

April - I am not a pharmacological expert, but since I had nerve damage myself about 8 years ago, I am somewhat experienced with the use of Vitamin B 12.  I have found that it quieted the numbness and burning sensation I felt after my injury.  I also take 100mg of Vitamin B6 daily.  This vitamin is for red blood cell production and brain health.

I am not familiar with alpha lipoic acid and acetyl l-carnitine, other than reading about them on the internet.

A possible reason for the changes in the nerve after an original lack of problems might be internal swelling from the trauma to the surrounding tissues.  The increase of pressure from the fluid trapped in the tissues from the surgery, could traumatize the nerve just from increased pressure.  So the increased nerve problem could be due to internal swelling.

Just so you know, nerve reactions to similar trauma or pressure can be minimal or dramatic.  

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