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QUESTION: For some reason, one I do not know, scar band grew between the back of my top gum line, bottom gum line, and down the check.  Mouth movement became limited.  My dentist, an oral surgeon, and a ENT did not recognize the issue.  Finally I found an oral surgeon who diagnosed it as a scar band and he cut it.  He biopsied it and opened my jaw.  He determined that it was not cancer or tjm.  I went through therapy and regained some of the movement in my mouth, but the scar band still swells and causes pain all the time and sometimes severe pains. My oral surgeon is add wits end.  I do not know where to go for help.  No one seems to know what to do or where to send me.  I live in southern Pa and need to know what my next step needs to be and what is going on.  Please help

ANSWER: Bonnie -  I am so sorry to hear what you are enduring.  Pennsylvania is a large state, but fortunately for you, there are six oral and maxillofacial surgical residency program.  I am not saying that you should see a resident in learning, but often, the doctors who run the program along with those doctors who teach in the program are very experienced and have seen patients with many different problems.  I know you live in Southern PA, but if you could tell me where you live, I will give you names or a name of a program near.  

The programs are usually near a large city.  If you are south in PA, there are programs also in Maryland and West Virginia.  So get back to me, tell me where you live and I will try to provide the name of a facility at a major hospital, as close to you as possible, to help you.

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QUESTION: Gettysburg...on Pa And Md line

Bonnie - from Gettysburg, you have two choices.  One would be to drive to Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania or south on Rte 15 to Rte 70 to go to Baltimore.  

In Philadephia, the Univ of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine - (215)662-6176

In Baltimore, The University of Maryland in Baltimore, (410) 706-7060

Call either school ask to be connected with the department of Endodontics.  When you speak with them, ask them to be examined by the doctor who is in charge of the Endodontics.  

I wish you well and hope they can quickly help to resolve your situation.

Any additional questions, feel free to contact me again.

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