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Hi, I had lower jaw surgery and sliding genioplasty. The genioplasty was crooked and for some reason there was a gap left between the bone segments. It appears the cut is uneven and I suspect this may be why, but I'd like your input. The motive of the chin surgery was *not* to lengthen it vertically, only to project it. Why is the cut crooked and why is there a gap? How is this fixed? Thank you!

I am puzzled as to the problem. The bone segment that was cut must be against the remaining bone so I do not understand your referral to a gap.
If the chin point is "tipped" then the bone cut was not made straight but angled. Usually the bone is held in place by a small plate which can be loosened and realigned. This could be done in office under local if you wished. It would depend on how long you have been healing. More than three weeks would require the bone to be recut.

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