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QUESTION: Which listerine should I get? There are lots of
Diff kinds. The little things under tongue hurt too. I've been using peroxyl
And biotene over the counter.maybe one of those two are bothering my mouth too. Here is a pic.

ANSWER: Steve -  Listerine is a wonderful oral rinse that kills germs in the mouth that can cause plaque, bad breath and gum disease, along with other bacterial induced inflammatory reactions in the mouth.  If you have inflammation in your mouth, I suggest that you rinse a minimum of twice a day (morning after breakfast and at night before bed).  Because you complain of some sore areas, I suggest that you take one-half of one cap full and place it in a cup along with the same amount of water.  Then rinse your mouth for a full thirty seconds and spit out.  It is important that after your do the rinsing, you have nothing to eat or drink for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Try this and follow my recommendation.  I have used this and most of my patients have used this and have seen a significant reduction of inflammation, gum disease or infections in their mouth.

I recommend that you use Listerine Cool Mint.

Prior to beginning the rinses, I suggest that you have the white areas in your mouth tested for thrush at an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

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QUESTION: Was there today. Showed him picture. All he gave me was peridex. Didn't say it was thrush or even bothered to test for it.  Can't I just try those clomitrazole troche? It can't hurt either way right ? Here is another pic.

ANSWER: Steve - Peridex is a wonderful oral rinse medication that controls overgrowth of bacteria, but if you do have thrush, it is not an appropriate rinse.  

Why did you just show him the picture?  He should have examined you and taken a culture of the white area to see if fungus is growing or bacterial growth.

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QUESTION: Went to ent. She said didn't look like fungus and actually looked normal. She did swab the side of tongue where that bite mark was to check for fungus. Didn't get results yet. When I open my mouth wide the back of tongue looks gross with big red bumps. I guess those are taste buds but I only see 1 on one side. I can't get whatever is covering it off but she said it looked normal. Here's today.

Steve -  I agree with the ENT, but the last picture showed more growth than now and that is why I suggested a culture of the area.  Wait for the results and if it is not fungus, it is then a normal growht of bacteria on the tongue, which we all have.  Some have more than others and that's why I recommend Listerine twice a day for everyone - symptoms or not.

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