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QUESTION: You may remember me because I Asked a question before about having teeth left in my mouth after supposed complete extractions and dentures.
He took them out and one was a big as a candy corn but as you said he would, up until the x ray proved it he denied anything was wrong.
Now, everything turned out pretty well with my dentures. my 70 year old mother needed to have hers done so when I went back for my last realign I stopped him and asked him point blank if I brought my mother there, did he promise me he would not do the same to her. he promised several times he wouldnt and also promised to give her enough pain meds which he didnt do. mom just went back the NEXT DAY bc they said her "bite was off" but the truth was the dentures were way too big. He kept going around in circles bc he said she needed to wear them but they were literally falling out of her mouth even with fixodent. Then the next time she went back three days later she told them there were pieces of tooth left in there just like mine, however on her panoramic xray they didnt show up. HOW DID THEY FAKE AN X RAY? He denied it again until he finaly saw it and took 2 teeth out by BARELY numbing her. He actually had the gall to ask her if she wanted him to remove the teeth pieces on the bottom OR do a realign on the bottom bc he couldnt do both. She chose the teeth to be removed. He did a soft relign on the top denture but its still so huge that it will only stay in a minute and if she talks it falls out. I Am so exasperated and devestated. She still has at least pieces of tooth on the upper in the back and he said that he had to section that tooth to get it out but said the bone she was feeling was probably her jawbone. I can hear it click against her fingernail, so I know its there. The office manager said he only gave her pain meds "out of the goodness of his heart". I am so fed up and desperate for advice. YOu gave me excellent advice last time so I hope you can do it again? DO we go back to him to fix it? MOM thinks we have to bc a new dentist isn't going to take on an old dentists problems. IS that true? Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to do this. It is very appreciated! Lexy

ANSWER: Lexy -  Definitely tell him he must fix it.  The biggest problem is why this happens again and again.  You could see a new dentist, or better yet, contact the state dental society and have them help you find a new dentist to help you.  It is so horrible that this lousy dentistry is done again and again.  If the dentist does not take care of it, after threatening to contact the Tennessee dental society, you can always contact a lawyer, because he is producing malpractice by not properly treating you or your mom.

I hope you can tell I too and  not happy that this dentist is allowed to treat people the way he does.  It is obvious his only reason is for the $$.  Any more questions, feel free to contact me again.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for answering. So, you are saying to go back to him again tomorrow and tell him he has to fix them? The problem is not only do they not let anyone but the patients back there, but he has his assistants assess the problem and then go to him and tell him what it is. the only time he comes in is to fix whatever is wrong and then is right back out of the room again.
Also, are you saying that I should threaten to call the licencing board before he tries to fix moms dentures again or after if he doesnt do it right?
We have a cousin that is an extremely prominent orthodontist in town so I will probably call him for a referral if the dentist does not fix it this time. I dont remember if I told you or not but my mom and I both have fibromyalgia and Myalgic Enchephelomyelitis (stupidly known as chronic fatigue syndrome so she really isnt able to leave the house most of the time, so this going back and forth with no resloution is extremely hard on her.
Im thankful that you are just as frustrated. I have been thinking of calling a lawyer bc we paid thousands of dollars and my being on disability makes that difficult.
One more thing. How did they fake the x ray bc she obviously had teeth or big peices of teeth on there.
Thanks again. I look forward to hearing back from you.3

Lexy -  obviously I cannot say anything about the xrays without seeing them. But if there were pieces of root and tooth left, it would definitely show on an xray.  I'm not sure they faked the xray of just did not accept what they saw on the xray.  

Getting another dentist for an evaluation is probably the best solution to what is occurring.

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