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QUESTION: Hi dr Joel how are you ? Haven't messaged you in a while as I've tried to forget about tongue as you suggested. Here is what it looks like now and doesn't look much different. As you can see I think I have raised papillae on side. My tmj has been bothering me though. When I stretch my mouth widely and smile w force I can feel pain go into ear. How's the tongue look to u? Do u see the papillae I'm talking about? Could it be possible that the tmj on opposite side is causing lack of mobility on opposite jaw causing the tongue to look like that?

ANSWER: Steve -  Your tongue still looks normal.  I see the lateral papillae and the taste buds, all in proper position and look normal.

As far as the TMJ, the right side affects the left and vice versa.  If your bite is affected on one side, the other side is likewise affected.  The altered bite can produce TMJ on the other side also.  As far as your tongue, like I said it looks normal.

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QUESTION: Yeah I'm struggling with the tmj. Worse in the morning. Lotd clicking and crepitus and painful if I push on one side because the other side will pop and cause a lot of pain. Here's my tongue. As u can see the right side has more redness and markings than the left. That's probably where I'm unintentionally biting or rubbing due to tmj.

Steve it definitely does appear that you have a bite imbalance.  It might have an effect on your tongue.  You should see a skilled dentist in TMJ.  You should probably start with a fully balanced bite appliance.  Many dentists are not skilled in proper TMJ evaluation or treatment.  You probably need to seem a skilled TMJ dentist to insure a balanced bite.  

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