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QUESTION: Maybe the Neti pot is causing the tongue issues? I have been using it for over a year once a morning for sinuses. Maybe the salt in pot is affecting saliva in mouth? Is that possible or no?

ANSWER: It is possible, but I cannot know without an examination.  The salt can definitely promote the tongue issues or at least accentuate them.

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Inner cheek
Inner cheek  

Does tmj cause cheek biting? I seem to always bite my cheek at least that's what it looks like and I can see that sometimes I break the skin. If I move my tongue over it I can see the skin moving and sometimes there is a piece hanging off. I get it also right inside my lower lip off to the side of mouth. I will try to send a pic. Do you think it's likely the tmj is causing this due to malocclusion or misalignment of teeth? I do notice after I eat tomato sauce it gets worse or they come out more.
Lastly, an ENT recommended physical therapy for the tmj. What is your belief on that?

Steve - first of all, if your TMJ is truly bothering you, producing headaches in the temple, difficulty opening and closing your jaw, the slips to one side or the other on opening and closing or you do not feel as if the jaw is not closing straight and the teeth not hitting correctly, then physical therapy is a very good initial treatment.  Often the relaxation and alignment of the muscles that occurs can help.  

Without examining you, as I have said previously, it is a little difficult for me to tell you if a TMJ problem is producing the soft tissue areas you are developing.  So seeing PT is not a bad idea and if they are unable to correct the situation, then a skilled dentist should help further.

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