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A periodontist messed up my Dental Implant by not building up the bone graft sufficiently.  Due to this,
I lost my gum above the tooth.  Implant was fine (no infection, no rejection),but inadequate bone will cause future failure. She would not fix me.

I  am finding that the new (one that defended the 1st surgeon) periodontist office is very unprofessional. The assistant would not cover me during a panoramic Xray, even though I asked her twice.  We argued and I gave up.   When I told my doctor I was unhappy about being refused an Xray shield, one of his comments was, "You are welcome to go elsewhere."  So, I guess, as a patient, committed to spending $15,000 to fix one botched bone graft/dental implant,it seems I have no rights to ask questions about the procedures, or make comments if I need to.

Guess what?  During the removal of the implant and first bone graft, he cut a nerve on purpose.  That  is when I was bleeding so badly.  And, I said "Are you sure about it ?"  He said, "I have been doing this 20 years.  How else will I fit in the implant, with this in the way? "  I heard the crunch.  He never discussed the name of the nerve, or if it had a purpose, before, during, or after the removal of the first implant.  They also left me in the room, dripping, bleeding/oozing, without anything to catch it, after removing the dental implant.  I got up to find someone, as I was dripping on the floor.   I am bleeding, “Will someone help me ?”

When I called to ask if I should still be swollen after two weeks, and said my medical doctor commented about it,  the same assistant said she could not give an exact answer, and that I should go to a dentist, not my medical doctor, and I said, BUT, YOU ARE MY DENTIST !  I had  extreme anxiety, insomnia, and  felt I am not in good hands the night before, and had an accident in October on the way to them: a 2 hour drive.
NOW on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015, I left feeling horribly. Though promising to make it right no matter what , my new periodontist has started waffling and vascillating.  Two visits ago, he brings up a bridge option for the one tooth.   

So, NOW, the last visit, his associate doctor was doing my soft tissue graft, and the main doc interrupts during the surgery, walks in, hollering, and tells his associate.  "I didn't do the implant. I told her about a bridge option." And then, he comes over, and he puts his hand on my arm. To which the doctor cutting and stitching me replies, " Yes, a bridge might be esthetically better.  I am concerned about the little triangles between the tooth." I was shocked that they are discussing this stuff, which should be brought up in the office, not during my surgery. After the surgery, I said half jokingly to the surgeon , as long as there is no long tooth syndrome.  He said, "There still might be."  I said, "What ?"

Apparently, he did not know that I was there for a correction of bad work and botched job from 2011.  I drove two hours home.  I was completely distraught.  NOW, I am scared to have him do the next block graft surgery, because of his weird changing actions and comments.  The doctor that did the soft tissue graft admitted to me that he did not know the history of my case, before the surgery.  So, basically, the first doctor just threw him in, and said, “Can you do a soft tissue graft ?”  I was there, when he did that.
The restorative dentist put on a Maryland Bridge,and used PERMANENT Bond, and could not get it off.  It broke, and the wings were stuck to my large tooth.  He used what sounded like a "sander" to get it off.  IS it possible maybe surface enamel may have been removed?  The back of my tooth feels rougher than the others.  I said, to him, "Why didn't you use temporary bond."  (I know they have it.  It has been used before on me). I do not get it.  I cannot in good faith keep going with this office.  

NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE TO ME.  I CAN'T BELIEVE ALL OF IT.  I AM EXPERIENCING POST TRAUMATIC STRESS.  Because, the main doctor, his associate,and the restorative doctor, and the asistant do not seem to have any structure!  Is it all about the money?   I asked for my CD of the ICat I gave them, and the office lady said , She will send it in a week, because she may have to buy a special envelope, ?????  A nurse I know agrees that I should seek help elsewhere.  The communication and cooperation is a grade F here.  I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE FOR THE LENGTH OF MY INQUIRY.  What do you think about cutting my nerve, and other matters ?

Cutting the nerve "on purpose" falls well below the standard of care.  You should contact your local dental society to have a "peer review" of your case, meanwhile I would suggest that you see a board certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon in your area immediately for nerve evaluation and possible repair.

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