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QUESTION: Sorry don't know if message went through. But already had fungal swab and bacterial culture both normal. I've been to 2 ENTs and oral surgeon multiple times for tongue issue. Not sure they saw the most recent peeling towards back but showed them everything else. Can't do anything more. None of them mentioned biopsy at all. What could this be? Possible geographic tongue?

ANSWER: Steve -  It does not look at all like a geographic tongue.  The best way to visually help define a geographic tongue, it is a reproductive picture of the earth.  Continents separated by oceans.  The pictures you show are not that.  

I don't know the results of the culture, but rather than bacterial, the doctor should request a fungal culture to possibly identify a cause.

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QUESTION: I've been all over dr Joel. Nobody mentioned biopsy so they mustn't be worried. Look at this recent pic. Look at left side back u can see almost a bald spot around circumvallate papillae. What could that be? And what would biopsy show?

Steve - In my experience what you have is not cancer, but again without seeing a biopsy results I cannot be completely sure.

Have you been brushing your tongue twice a day like I suggested?

I cannot tell you what a biopsy will show, and that is why a biopsy is probably necessary.

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