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Oral Surgery/1 month after wisdom teeth removal


I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth out a little over 1 month ago. I'm still experiencing a slight swelling in my lower jaw area, below and in front of where the tooth was removed. This area is sore to touch and it also seems to release a faint bad taste when I push on it hard. It feels relatively hard compared to the same area on the other side of my mouth/jaw.

A little over two weeks ago I was experiencing a very bad taste in my  mouth. I was prescribed antibiotics and completed  them a little over one week ago.

I first noticed the swelling about 5 days ago and it hasn't gotten any better, maybe a little worse.

It hasn't bothered me but I'm worried it is progressing.

Is it an infection or is this a normal occurrence and just some sort of abscess that will go away?

Thanks for your time!


Karl -  What you are experiencing is not normal. There is a possibility that during the initial healing, debris was caught in the socket and it is now producing an infection.  There is another possibility that the doctor left debris of bone or the tooth in the socket.  You immediately need to get back to the doctor and he needs to xray the area and if nothing shows, he will need to open the socket and clean it out to discover if any debris is left in the socket.

In the interim, until you see the doctor, you need to begin doing warm salt water rinses for about 3-4 minutes, 4-5 times each day.

MOst important, contact the doctors appointment and have him examine you.

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