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Hello Dr.Reza Parsa,

I had a tooth #8 extraction about a week ago. I had a crown on that tooth for a few years, but it kept coming off, and the dentist could't find what was causing this so he just kept cementing it back on. Until a few days ago when he realized that the tooth under the crown has cracked and needs to be removed.
I had the extraction and was planning on getting an implant put it right away, but when the oral surgeon took the tooth out he realized there was about 6-7 mm bone loss. The surgeon performed a bone graft (cadaver) and put a membrane over the graft.

I was in moderate to severe pain for the first 2 days with moderate swelling, but the pain decreased to mild by day 3. On day four the pain returned with a vengeance ( 9 out of 10).I was taking pain killer every few hours and they were doing very little to help. Day 5 the pain got better but still bad (6).

One of the stitches untied by day 2, and now another one is completely untied and dangling (very unpleasant).

It is now day 7 post surgery and the pain is mild...I will take maybe 2 iboprofen 800 mg every day. I still wake up with some pain in the morning. The swelling is mostly gone, and I can smile now without much pain. The gum under my nose (above the tooth that was removed) is swollen (it feels like there is a bump there)? Maybe it's due to all the bone graft that was placed in there, I am not exactly sure what's going on there. It's very sensitive to the touch, and even if I touch the skin under my nose it's sensitive and slightly painful. When I bend down the gum starts throbbing slightly.

Also there is a foul taste that comes from the gum...which makes me think there is an infection (maybe it's the stitches or the membrane causing the bad taste?), but maybe it's me just being worried.

Am I healing normally? Or does it sound like there is an infection brewing and I should be worried?

Hi Kat,
I would advise you to see the surgeon for a review as you are still in pain and having bad taste., it might be infected.
There are other factors that I don't know about you such as smoking, diabetes, immune suppression etc...

Good luck

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