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QUESTION: Hi Dr Tieg-  thanks again for your help. I am going to my oral doc on monday for a checkup but based on my research it seems like i have some kind of stomatitis/glossitis or geographic tongue. the circular inflamed patches disappeared a week ago and now they are back again.  the orabase helped but i dont want to keep taking it all the time. any other suggestions for treating this?  do you think i should get dbacterol treatment? i read cauterizing stimulates new cell growth and can resurface the irritated areas

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ANSWER: Jason -  I suggest that you do nothing else before you see the doctor.  The doctor needs to evaluate the area without any changes that might occur from any treatment placement in your mouth.  Keeping the area clean with a gentle brushing the tongue a couple times a day is good until you see the doctor.

Cauterization can occasionally help, but finding the cause and allowing normal healing to occur is best.  It sounds like you have some type of an inflammatory area.  Since the orabase helps, it does seem like inflammatory.

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QUESTION: Dr Teig-  I saw my oral surgeon this morning.  He feels the tongue irritation was glossitis and that the inflamed area on the side of the tongue may be do to a sharp tooth that keeps irritating it...he showed me and it looks like the inflamed region lines right up with a tooth that has a sharp tip.  im going to go to my dentist to get the surface smoothed down a bit.  seems like when one sore goes away on the side a new one develops..they are very tiny but sting pretty badly.  also the circular patches of inflamation on the tip of my tongue actually disappeared...i was using biotene for yrs and switched to a natural toothpaste because biotene changed their formulation.  also i was using a lot of cinnamon to cook with lately and stopped that as well.  Any other suggestions?  do you think i need to have the area biopsied?  thanks again!


Jason - if with time, there is a change for the better in lesions, I usually allow natural healing to occur after I remove any stimulants that might be initiating the situation. Like your teeth rough spots and diet causing the areas, minor irritations are usually a cause, especially if lesions get better with stimulants removed.   I think I would have the areas watched and see if resolution occurs once stimulants are eliminated.  If all the stimulants are removed and the lesions remain, then a biopsy would be appropriate.  

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