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QUESTION: Hi Dr Teig - sorry to bug you again.  Looks like the sore is very slowly shrinking...ive been using peroxide and then applying turmeric and aloe vera multiple times every day.  problem is i developed a 2nd canker sore right below. it started 2 weeks ago and is now larger.  Do you feel i should just get the area cauterized at this point? Its becoming a real nuisance and i have to constantly watch what i eat and something that is even slightly spicy or rough will exacerbate the symptoms.  Appreciate your help as always


ANSWER: Jason -  stop the peroxide.  It can accentuate an area of irritation if it is used too often.  Tumeric is highly acidic and can irritate and accentuate the area if used too often.   

My suggestion is to simply begin warm salt water rinses alone for about 2-3 minutes to the area, 4-5 times a day. Give it about a week and you should see a gradual improvement.  So don't be too aggressive in your treatment and allow the benign salt water help to quiet the area.

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QUESTION: Ok thanks! I will try it- I just read a new study about turmeric and it says it can reverse lichen planus and even precancerous cells so i made up a paste of it using coconut oil. but i will stop and try the salt water now

ANSWER: jason - I hope you get better soon.

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QUESTION: Dr Teig- Again apologies for bothering you.  I noticed some more changes around the new sore (below the original) that have me concerned; they have developed in the past week. Arrow #1 is the original sore and arrow#2 is the new irritation along with some pronounced white lines that appear to be slightly raised.  Does this seem like more of the lichen planus or just keratinization of the damaged tissue?  Could it also be leukoplakia?  i read that can be precancerous.  Would appreciate your thoughts.  This whole thing is really stressing me out. Also the image quality of the pic is much better so you can really see everything close up.   thanks so much again :)


Jason - those areas do not look pathologic.  If anything, they appear to be areas of a healing minor irritation.  The white areas are just a thickening of the thin tissues in the area during healing - NORMAL.
So as I have explained to you, you need to leave these areas alone and don't dwell on it.

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