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QUESTION: Ok I'm convinced it's gotta be from rubbing or just frictional. I think I almost turn my tongue on its side and it rubs and pushes against back teeth. This is the side. Look normal? I guess the yellowish look on one spot Is from soft tissue rubbing.

ANSWER: Steve -  Normal without any signs of pathology.

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QUESTION: It's not that I just look at my tongue to see if I can find things wrong with it. I can usually tell bc my tongue tip feels raw and warm in 1 spot. It's usually the same spot that gets irritated which makes me think it has to be from rubbing or something I'm eating is irritating it. It's that one spot right to left of tip. It comes and goes. I'm sure it's always there but certain things make it worse.

Steve -  It is probably from a not perfect alignment of the front teeth and every time you swallow the tongue goes forward and rubs against the front teeth. That is a common cause for what you complain of.  If so, it is normal and unless your dentist wants to change the shape of the teeth there, it will remain.

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