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Right Bottom Wisdom To  

The last two days I have experienced some discomfort especially when eating on the bottom right side of my mouth. When I checked it out in the mirror I noticed the bottom wisdom tooth was coming in. Both of my top ones have already come in without a problem, however the dentist said my bottom ones are impacted. I wasn't expecting them to come through the gum so early and I was planning to get them removed after I come back from my vacation which is two weeks from today (June 16th) for the duration of one week (June 23rd).

My question is does this tooth look infected or could it give me trouble in the next three weeks if I don't do something about it? I really can't do the operation before I leave, but I don't want to be in pain the whole trip either. Right now the pain is only when I eat, otherwise it doesn't hurt. Will the gum grow back over the tooth or will it remain poking out like that? Should the pain go away after a couple of days or will it continue to hurt until I get it removed? Is the white on my gums something to be concerned about? Is there anything I should be doing in the meanwhile to ensure the least amount of pain and complications during the vacation?

Thanks in advance for your help.


This is called pericoronitis.  It is as a result of partially erupted lower wisdom tooth and erupted upper tooth pressing on the Lower gum. I really cannt guarantee if it would be alright for next few weeks if you don't do anything about it. Might get a severe infection.
Here are some options:
See a local oral surgeon and take the top one out and when you return take the lower one out as soon as possible.
See them and ask for antibiotics. You could rinse out with salt water twice a day  and when you return get all of them out.  

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