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Hi dr Joel
I always get these small red spots inside lower lip and inside cheek sometimes. I wake up with them. Could it be from mouth breathing bc of my deviated septum?  Or even a food allergy? Or from acid? Take a look. I do feel a warm feeling in mouth from that area. They don't hurt though. I take dexilant but I guess it isn't working. Could this also be lichen planus? Need some ideas. Thanks.

Steve- the red dots could be from GERD.  Any medication to decrease the acid release in the stomach, will reduce some of it but not all.

It does not look like lichen planus.  It is not from breathing, but from an irritant.  If the areas are sore, you can make a simple rinse to sooth your mouth from 1part Maalox, 1 part benedryl and 1 part water.  You rinse with this for for about a minute it, spit it out and leave it alone.  You can do it every few hours.  See if that helps if it is sore.

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