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QUESTION: Hi dr Joel
What are these random red spots that keep showing up on my tongue? They don't hurt. Is this concerning?

ANSWER: Steve -  the red spots are from a loss of the surface cells due to minor irritation trauma.  A very common and normal response to minor irritation.  Nothing to worry about.

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QUESTION: Just a random question but could those spots have anything to do w my sugar level? I had that tested in January and it was normal.

ANSWER: Steve - blood sugar levels will have no effect unless you are having a diabetic reaction secondary to an extremely low blood sugar and you are biting your tongue.  If you are diabetic then low blood sugars.  If not, have your blood sugar tested as a possible cause.

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QUESTION: I had it tested in January. It was normal. A1c was 5.6 and glucose 84

Steve -  so the red areas are just from irritation, probably a grinding or chewing habit that irritates the tongue. I have told you this so many times, but you need to leave your tongue alone.  It looks healthy, but repeated searching for problems accentuates nervousness to produce irritations on the tongue and elsewhere in your mouth from nervous habits.

If you have a difficult time relaxing, it might be a good idea to speak with a psychotherapist.

If you can't open up to a therapist, have them contact me and I'll be happy to converse with the therapist to explain objectively.

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