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QUESTION: When this all started in December it was tmj pain with pain radiating to ear and bad jaw pain. Ever since then is when these issues occurred with tongue. So maybe it has something to do with alignment of teeth because I'm missing a big molar on lower left and do ally chewing on the side with the tongue issues.

ANSWER: Steve -  with TMJ problems it is not unusual for the jaw to shift position.  This shifting can alter your bite and that can cause the irritations that appear as a loss of surface cells due to irritation.

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QUESTION: That's gotta be it then. Makes sense. Now to fix it is the issue. I'm going to dentist Friday. Should I ask him to check my bite?

ANSWER: Definitely, but he should have known if you have an off bite.  If not, then I don't know.

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QUESTION: I remember biting down on on that paper stuff and he checked it that way. It's hard to tell if someone is skilled I'm assuming most are. The ent today said what I told u before and it was similar to what u thought. Seems like to me that my tongue is sitting on my lower back teeth and it rubs against them. I do have a crown on lower right that seems a little large.

Steve -  All of us have the back lower molars touching the side of the tongue.  That simple touching produces a change in the shape of the back of the tongue.  You need a dentist skilled in occlusion.  I would like to say that all dentists have the ability to know when a bite is correct and when there is grinding of the teeth from teeth that do not mesh properly.  Unfortunately, many dentists don't look for it and if they do, many cannot tell if the occlusion is correct or if their patient is grinding their teeth.

That is why I suggested a specialist.

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