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QUESTION: Here it is now. I put flash on camera. I also chewed on ice cube. See how red it is? Look at these pics. Double click to zoom in. That does not look normal at all.

ANSWER: Steve-STOP it.  You are irritating and denuding the tongues cells.  Do yourself a favor and rinse with just plain water after each meal and only eat very soft food for ten days.  You are doing this unintentionally and you are obscessing over this.

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QUESTION: I'll try the water thing. Like I said they don't really hurt at all. What are those little bumps sticking up? I was wondering what those are and why they are like that. I'm sorry to obsess but I'm curious as to why or when I am doing this unintentionally? Here are the pictures
I tried to zoom in so u can see the little bumps sticking up.

ANSWER: Steve I cannot be sure but there is abrasion and inflammation in the area.  It looks like your teeth are rubbing against your tongue.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Well it seems to get more red after brushing teeth but I don't know if that has any correlation. Can't find toothpaste that's not mint or cinnamon. Also if the kenalog in Orabase is used for inflammation why is it bad to use it?

Steve- the excess use of any form of cortisone in excess can make the body more susceptible to infections and some autoimmune diseases.  So although the topical application is not as problematic, but both bacterial and fungal infections can develop or get worse.

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