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QUESTION: I have just had top impacted wistom teeth taken out and I have bumps that look like this on both side  where my top impacted teeth were, I had them taken last week, my oral surgican said that I bit my cheek but I noticed these two weeks before I had my teeth taken out and they matched where the teeth dug in. Should I be concerned?

ANSWER: Robert  - Those bumps on the inside of the cheek is where the duct from the salivary gland (parotid gland) brings its saliva into your mouth.  So only are they normal to have, they are needed.

So don't be concerned they are normal.

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QUESTION: So your saying those bumps are not blockage or anything like cysts, my oral surgican said they were ulcers and that if they don't heal to come back in 2 weeks. They are painless. I don't feel them unless I use my tongue.

Robert -  I can only tell you from what I see in the pictures.  Those areas are in the place where the salivary gland ducts would normally be.  The fact they are on both sides of your mouth, it indicates even more that they are duct openings.  Of course, this is without directly examining you and by seeing you in person and feeling those areas might change my mind, but the pictures tell me what I have said.

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