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I had my wisdom teeth (all 4) removed 10 days ago. Today, I accidently forgot and drank out of a straw from a juice. It was only a couple minutes in, that I realized I wasn't supposed to use a straw. So far, I have not had dry socket and followed post operative care instructions fairly well. However, I feel very paranoid that because my lower extraction sites are taking their time to heal and still can see the hole, are my chances of dislodging the blood clot and getting a dry socket increased now? I also don't know if this is in my head, but shortly after I felt this weird feeling on the upper wisdom teeth extraction site(left side). How can I be sure I won't get a dry socket? What can I do? Is there anything my oral surgeon can do for me when I ask him or must I wait and see if a dry socket occurs(which I desperately hope does not come to that). Please give me any advice you have regarding this!

Vanessa -  If by ten days a dry socket has not developed, the chances of a dry socket now is minimal.  Your surgeon should ;eave the teeth alone and not treat them, other to irrigate them if he sees debris within the tooth sockets.  What you should do, to encourage clean extraction sites and to promote normal healing, I suggest you begin warm salt water rinses (gently)to remove any superficial debris within the sockets.  

Otherwise just leave the areas alone and let them heal.  Dry sockets usually form within the first 5 days after extractions.

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