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I had a pretty large canker sore develop on one side of my bottom lip towards the top portion which produced some swelling to my lip. I would constantly rub my teeth against it and bite it by accident sometimes. But it began to heal and was gone after about almost two weeks. So seeing it was gone and no more pain was associated I forgot about it, but about two weeks later I looked at the spot where it used to be and noticed that their seemed to be a scar of some sort. The canker sore left a outline of where it used to be on my lip. and the skin inside the circle where the lesion used to be is a light greyish color not very noticeable at all. I can see scar tissue from where i was biting my lip a little under the sore. I went to the dentist twice and they said they believe that it is from the constant irritation of my teeth rubbing against it. It has been three months and their has been no change in the size, or skin tissue, it looks like it is getting less noticeable though. I am 19 years old and have been very worried that it could be an oral cancer lesion, I am hoping you could give me some answer as too if its possible for scarring to occur in this situation. Thank you

It is impossible to tell you what you have in this medium.  You should follow up with a board certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in your area for a possible biopsy.   If you have no family history of head and neck cancer no history of smoking or drinking alcohol most likely it is not cancer but you need to get checked out as I have recommended.

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