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I was assaulted by an inmate at work two years ago. My three upper center teeth were knocked out and my upper jaw bone was fractured below my nose and pushed back and up toward my palate. I received a bone graph on the maxillary and had implants placed in, I had scar tissue removed twice from my upeer and lower lips. Two years later I still only have about forty percent feeling in my lips, chin, and they have a numbness feeling. Also when slight pressure is applied to my lower nasal nostril area above my upper lip it can make my eyes begin to water because of pain, can you tell me what it might be? The maxillary facial surgeon told me its permenant nerve damage from the original blunt trauma to my face and after all this time what I have now will probably be for life, I'm fifty four years old. Thank you for your time.

Mark -  of course without examining you I cannot be sure, but with the sensations you describe, it does sound like nerve damage.  That damage. Would be from the trauma and or the surgery you underwent for this trauma.  You say that it is two years since the surgery and trauma.  With that length of time, and with the altered sensations you now describe your symptoms seem to be neurological.  Now the exact cause needs to be found.  My suggestion is for you to seek an evaluation from a neurologist.  That doctor should be able to find the source and hopefully I can be corrected.

I hope you can find a neurologist to help evaluate you.

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