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QUESTION: i had double jaw surgery 7 months ago and I really don't like the way I look, my face has gone smaller and round I just don't look right my lower jaw has gone so small which made my face gone small, I feel that every time I smile my upper teeth feel uncomfortable it feels like it sticks out, its so uncomfortable I really regret this operation really badly I was really badly depressed for a really long time and till now I still fear to gout in public and talk to people also go in front of people that knew me from before, it is embarrassing. I know I look better before I just don't know what to do I really want my face back, I have researched a lot if you could reverse the surgery back to how it was before they placed the braces on. also, I'm just worried if you do have the surgery again will my face become even worse, the reason why I am asking is because there is this lady who had her surgery reversed and her face became even worse, she permanent numbing and bone sticking out on the side of her jaws, also will I look like before, after all this is what I want. now another question I wanted to ask is can I reverse the surgery after a year, or which is the best time to do it. I had maxillary osteotomy and mandibular osteotomy. just so you know, my jaws wasn't that bad at all before they put on the braces in fact you couldn't tell, I just want my face back, please could help me

ANSWER: Hannah -  I am so sorry that you are not happy with the results of your surgery.  The surgeon, I assume, besides taking xrays showed you what the changes that would occur from your surgery.  That is an appropriate piece of the pre-surgical preparation.  If the presurgical images were not repeated as a result from the surgery, then he either planned the surgery wrong by either positioning the cut bones wrong or his plan was incorrect.  Now what?

Well there are options that can be done, but if just a reverse procedure of the surgery is done, you will not have a duplicate appearance.  The muscles of the face become altered in changed new position so a simple reversal will not completely change the muscles back, because the muscle sizes change.  

Well what now?  You need to be evaluated by a very skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon to come up with a plan to see if something can be done.  I wish you well and hope you can find a doctor.  I'm sorry that I don't know an appropriate one in Great Britain.  

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QUESTION: Hello, so you trying to say that i will not look like before the surgery, will i not have that face back? If i have the surgery reversed will it be a worse decision to make abd if i do get the surgery reversed when do you think its the best time to get it reversed
Thank you

ANSWER: Hannah -  What I am saying is that is that any reversal will not produce an exact reversal.  A skilled surgeon should be able to come close to what you looked like before surgeon, but not exact.  If you decide to have the surgery, the best time is now or a little longer.  The important thing for you is to make sure that the oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a board certified one.

I wish you well and hope your doctor can restore your face to one you are pleased with.

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QUESTION: Hello, another question that came up in my mind is that is reversal be able to put your jaw back to how it was before they put on the braces for jaw surgery now i only had braces on for 18 month. Another question is that how would they reverse the surgery, have you done any reversal on any patients. Is the surgery quite dangerous because i dont want my face to look worse after the surgery. Abd last question how does the muscle affect how you looked before. Sorry this is really impportant for me so that i can show it to the surgeon

Hannah -  Any changes in trying to reverse the surgery is not totally predictable.  Will you have a better appearance?  I don't know.  A surgeon needs to do a very exact presurgical evaluation. The surgeon needs to know what the outcome will be for each change or attempt to restore the changes from the first surgery.  Most important, the surgeon needs to explain and show to you what the results will be, as exact as possible.  

Muscles after surgery are placed in a different orientation and position.  To regain the muscles appearance and function can be difficult to establish.  That is not saying that the surgeon won't be able to get very close or better than before and now.

So it all comes down to having good communication with the surgeon and tell him you want to know what you will look like before any surgery is done.

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