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QUESTION: What is an alveoloplasty? Is there a price range for this procedure?

ANSWER: Maureen - An alveoplasty is a bone recontouring of the bone in either the upper or lower jaw.  It is usually used to smooth and remove any irregular anatomy that could interfere with the dental appliance or dental treatment being done.

The price varies so much.  It is based on how much of the bone is recontoured.  It has to do if the teeth might have to be adjusted.  So without knowing the specifics of whether it is the lower or upper jaw and what treatment will be performed after the alveoplasty.

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QUESTION: What is the difference between an alveoloplasty and a torus procedure?

Maureen -  A torus can have an alveoplasty done to it after removal.  A torus is an area where there is a roundish growth of bone sticking out from either on the lower jaw, on the tongue side of the lower jaw, a roundish growth of bone on the palate (the roof of the mouth) behind the upper front teeth and rarely a torus can occur on the upper jaw on the upper lip side of the bone.

An alveoplasty is just a contouring of bone.

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