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Two weeks ago i had an implant put in my mouth on the right side of my lower jaw. Unfortunately my dentist drilled to far with the implant drill and nicked the Inferior alveolar nerve which provide sensation to my lower lip, chin as well as gums and teeth. It took me a week just to come to terms with. I'm trying to remain hopeful but its hard.
this. My dentist informed me that nerves heal slow and this might take weeks months or even a year. He cant even guarantee ill ever get feeling back. The tightness in my lower right teeth are the hardest thing to deal with right now. Its feels like a have toothpicks stuck between each of them.
My current dilemma is trying to decide whether or not to remove the existing implant that he was then able to install. We confirmed the next day by 3d scan that the implant he installed is not near the nerve canal so his feeling was to leave it in. I would rather leave it in and not risk causing more damage to an already injured nerve. Now the confusing part is when i got a second opinion from a different dentist he advised me to take the implant out. My question is if its not violating the nerve canal what is the harm in leaving it in?          Could it be possible that the tightness i feel in my teeth could have more to do with the implant than the nerve damage? He acknowledge that there is no physical impingement to the nerve from the implant but wont elaborate further about why to remove it. I just want to make sure i give myself every opportunity to heal. I just dont know whether to leave it in or take it out. Also is there a type of doctor that specializes in this type of thing? Possibly a neurologist? Any suggestion or any other healing tips or protocol in this type of situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mike

Hi Mike,

The implant probably does not need to be removed at this time. IT seems it is away from the nerve. Most likely the drill did the damage.

I suggest seeing a nerve specialist as soon as possible and follow up with them. Some nerve repair might be needed.

The tightness might be just from the implant and it will improve.

Hope that helps.

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