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QUESTION: I actually am going to take your suggestion and try that. One thing I find very peculiar is in the morning when I wake up it doesn't look that bad. I'll attach pic. As day goes on it gets more pronounced probably from chewing eating talking etc. but if I were biting it during sleep wouldn't it be worse when I wake up? The first pic is when I wake up and the second is later at night.

ANSWER: Steve -  So follow my suggestion of a non-chewing diet and use Ensure as your diet.

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QUESTION: Soft foods and ensure make sense but why wouldn't it hurt if it was trauma? I can't even tell that it's there unless I look.also what kind of appliance could cover that area? The other side also has areas of irritation that look like thrusting too.  I've attached pictures of both sides.

ANSWER: The appliance is attached to the teeth and does not allow the teeth rub against or bite the tongue.  It is simple and if the area does not heal on its own, you may need it.

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QUESTION: Do you find it strange that it is not painful and I'm unaware of it unless I look?

Not really.  It looks like a chronic irritation and, as such, the nerve tissues are not completely exposed.  The healing that occurs from the lack of consistent trauma actually begins to quietly heal the area.  The healing protects the nerve endings, which decreases the sensory stimuli.

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