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Dear Dr. Teig,

I am looking to have a genioplasty done in the near future. I am looking for (in order of importance): slight horizontal chin extension, slight chin lengthening, slight chin widening (from the frontal view) and correction of slight chin asymmetry. My first question is whether these effects can all be achieved within the same procedure?

Second, can a genioplasty operate to reduce a deep mentolabial fold? If so, how?

Secondly, effective treatment planning must be made with respect to the surrounding facial features and aesthetics guidelines usually dictate not extending the chin any further than the lower lip horizontally. Do you know of any conceivable way in which a very slightly retrusive lower lip may be brought into harmony with the upper lip, aside from a full-blown BSSO (and thus permitting further horizontal advancement of the chin)?

Damien-  I'm not sure what specifically can be done, but dramatic and simple changes can be performed.  I wish I could be more specific, but without examining you it is a little difficult to be specific.  

As far as the lip, the position and bulkiness of the lip is often affected by the position of the teeth and less so by the jaw.  Every specific treatment needs to be guided by the position of the teeth and the bone and both need to considered for you.  

A deep mentolabial fold is again often affected by the teeth and the jaw.  The tongue has a lot to do with the tooth position and its actions can control position.

So there are many factors that create where where you are today.  You need a doctor who is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to be able to evaluate the tongue, the lips, the jaw and the teeth to arrive at a plan appropriate for you.  

I am sorry I can't be more specific, but I would need to see pictures and a cephalometric xray to truly develop a plan.

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