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Had my number 30  tooth on  bottom right pulled.  The dentist was a lady left handed and it felt like my left jaw bone was trying to break as she was pulling my tooth.  I have never had an experience like that in my life.  She deadened the tooth and used a scapel to loosen the tooth from the gums.  That was a new one on me.  And that will be the last time she will ever see my mouth again!!!

Melissia - I assume your headaches have begun to occur since the extraction of tooth #30.  With the loss of a molar, often the entire structure of the mouth changes.  The molar teeth are the foundations of the bite, your jaws and your entire facial structure.  With the changes produced with the extraction, the bite changes. With the change in your bite, the jaw muscles often go into spasm because your bite is no longer stable.  With what you have now endured, you should understand why after such an extraction, the dentist tries to regain your jaws vertical dimensions.  Without regaining the dimensions, your jaw muscles are under a tremendous force and jaw muscle spasms can continually occur.

You should probably speak with your dentist to regain the bite.  If not, you need to start a muscle relaxing medication along with warm moist compresses to both sides of your face at the same time, from the temple to the bottom of the jaw.  Do the compresses 4-5 times a day, for about 5-10 minutes to help relax your muscles.  You should speak to the dentist to regain your bite.

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