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8 days ago, I had 2 molars on my upper left extracted. I had a little issue with bleeding but bit on a tea bag which stopped the bleeding. Approx 30 hours ago, I went back for a bone grind. Dentist said I'm healing nicely. Everything was fine, no bleeding. I go to bed firm. I wake up this morning with a blood clot the size of a large grape sitting on my tongue. Panicking, I spat it into the sink and ended up with a mouth full of blood. I rinse my mouth gently and he bleeding stopped almost immediately. 8 hours later, my mouth began bleeding again! I had nothing to eat and a little bit of water through a regular glass, no straw. I used 2 tea bags, and the bleeding stopped. Then 3 hours later, my mouth began bleeding again with no cause. I did eat soup, very slowly and nothing with chunks. Now once again, my mouth began bleeding again. I am biting yet another tea bag as instructed by my dentist, but now I'm afraid to go to sleep and begin bleeding again!
i did check and a decent clot has formed on one socket, but I can't see the other well. How do I keep it from bleeding once again?
Background info: I am type 2 diabetic, diet controlled and I was on blood thinners for migraine prevention, but didn't take it today. I've followed all directions but I'm scared!

Janice  -  If the dentist tore a small blood vessel during the extraction, the only way to stop the bleeding is with excess pressure to the area, sutures to the area or the surgeon burns the area.  What I am saying is that you need to get back to the dentist.  If it was a general dentist he may not have the appropriate training.  My suggestion, if the bleeding continues is to see a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  This doctor is skilled in addressing this type of problems.  

I hope this was helpful.  If you have additional questions, please get back to me.  

I was delayed in answering; I was away for the holiday.

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