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I have narrow arches,a narrow palate and lower jaw.  I also have sleep apnea and a chronic stuffy nose.  Every person who had their palate expanded says they can now breath much easier through their nose.  My question is two part.  If I went for MMA jaw surgery to correct my sleep apnea would an Oral surgeon widen my palate to alleviate my stuffy nose if I really wanted it done?  Secondly, how would an Oral surgeon go about widening my maxilla if my lower teeth sit directly under my top teeth? Besides splitting the mandible and widening it with Distraction Osteogenesis, which to my knowledge isn't often done, is there a way to expand the maxilla if the teeth in the mandibular dental arch already match?

Narrow high vault palate cause nasal and sinus issues. Patient typically are mouth breathers and also get sleep apnea.
Your lower teeth have adapted to the upper arch which is narrow. The orthodontist would change the position of your lower teeth so you would have a cross bite. Surgeon does the widening in Operating room by cutting in the middle of the upper jaw and then place it  on top of the lower teeth.
My suggestion is to get a sleep apnea test and then see an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to have an examination.  

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